The PawnSpace architecture consists mainly of 3 main contracts.

  • PawnFactory.sol

  • PawnSpace.sol

  • PawnOffer.sol

Let us go through what each contract does in brief:


The protocol begins with a Factory contract which deploys a PawnSpace for each existing NFT contract on the parent chain. A PawnSpace consists of two smart contracts: one to house the Order NFTs, and another to house the Offer NFTs.


PawnSpace.sol keeps track of Orders and their specific parameters. It contains functions for creating Orders, modifying auto-accept/instant-loan parameters, accepting Orders, paying back loans, and withdrawing an NFT from a defaulted loan.


It primarily tracks the Offers in the protocol. The Offer contract contains functions for creating Offers towards an existing Order, and auto-accepting loans.

Cancelling/burning offers and orders that are in-active is also possible.

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