Create an order (borrower)

The guide below shows you how to collateralize an NFT and create an Order. 
  • Click the "Create Order" button on the header menu.

  • You can view your own NFTs. Select the NFTs you would like to collateralize (You can select multiple tokens to collateralize). Then, click "Select" at the bottom of the page

  • Input "Auto accept amount" (will be replaced to "Instant Loan" in the new UI) and "Auto Accept Interest" (will be replaced to "Instant Loan Interest" in the new UI) which are the loan condition that you accept automatically if a lender offers it. If you do not want to set the condition, put "0" to both.

  • "Lending Period" is the duration for which you want to borrow the funds for. [The time you accept lending + this period] is the deadline to repay.

  • Click on "Approve NFT" to allow PawnSpace to handle your NFTs.

  • Metamask opens up a dialogue to Approve. Click the "Confirm" button, and wait for the approval to be recorded on-chain before proceeding.

Click the "Create" button to create and list your Order on PawnSpace.

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