Repay or Withdraw

This page guides Borrowers on how to repay their loans and Lenders on how to claim their NFT collateral if the Borrower defaults.

Repay (for borrowers)

  • You can pay back the debt within a limited time (mutually accepted loan duration). After repayment, you will be able to reclaim the NFT that was deposited as collateral.

  • Click on "My Orders" on the header menu.

  • Click the "Repay" button for the debt that you want to pay back. If the "Approve" button is shown on the bottom of the Order, you have to click and approve to allow the funds to be handled by the PawnSpace smart contract.

  • Metamask shows a dialogue. Click the "Confirm" button.

Withdraw (for lenders)

  • If the repayment is not done in time, the Lender may withdraw the collateral NFT.

  • Click on "My Offers" on the header menu.

Click the "Withdraw" button, and a Metamask dialogue shows. Click "Confirm" to withdraw and claim the defaulted loan's collateral.

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